Grenache Noir

Cette variété de grenache est l’une des plus utilisée au niveau mondial et permet d’élaborer des vins rouges, des vins doux humides et au froid, mais très résistante au vent et à la sécheresse.

Pairings with Red Grenache

Cured and fresh deli meats, as well as cheeses, are the best pairings for wines made of Garnacha Tinta (Red). This variety of Garnacha accepts any kind of cheese, but the best one for it is goat cheese.

It also pairs really well with any dish that has been flavored with a cheese or tomato sauce, such as pasta. In addition, of course, what better combines with it is meats: from white meats, such as grilled lamb, to red meats, as stews and casseroles of beef and pork, or barbecue meat. However, meat can be accompanied with another type of garnacha, Alicante Bouschet (Garnacha Tintorera). The latter is also a perfect pairing for roast, fried or grilled meats.