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A Master Sommelier thoughts on Global Warming and the role European Garnacha Grenache could play in it

By Laura Fiorvanti MS There is no denying the effects of global warming on the world; in agriculture, nature and hence the wine industry. Wine grapes historically grow best in a narrow band of land around the world where climates are moderate and promote the balance of acidity and ripeness of fruit. The effects [...]

European Garnacha-Grenache: a beautiful pairing between Wine and History

By Hoke Harden I was pleased when asked to conduct a seminar/tasting on European Garnacha-Grenache at FEAST Portland 2019. Not only am I an admirer of the grape variety and its incredibly diverse iterations, the amateur historian in me revels at the intricately intertwined story of European Garnacha's expansion, part and parcel of the Crown [...]

Celebrate Garnacha (a.k.a. Grenache) Day with the Original European Wines!

    It’s time to get out the corkscrew and polish the glasses because it’s almost time to celebrate a favorite wine holiday: Garnacha Grenache Day, to be held this year on September 20. Though there are plenty of grape celebrations out there, few others include a more versatile range than Garnacha Grenache Day, which [...]

Discover the different terroirs of European Quality Wines

By Laura Fiorvanti MS In my first blog post, I discussed my passion for European Grenache/Garnacha and her love for the Mediterranean climate. Another reason why the grape is so versatile and has many expressions is that it can grow in many different soils.  The vines' adaptability is likely the reason Grenache Noir is one [...]

Five reasons to love Grenache /Garnacha Blanc and Gris from Europe

By Deborah Parker Wong Geographic Indications (GI), Protected Designation of Origins (PDO) and Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) protect the name of a product, which is from a specific region and follow a particular traditional production process. Product names registered as PDO are those that have the strongest links to the place in which they are made. PGI emphasizes the relationship [...]

European Quality Wines: Focus on Vins Doux Naturels

By Deborah Parker Wong EU quality policy aims at protecting the names of specific products to promote their unique characteristics, linked to their geographical origin as well as traditional know-how. Product names can be granted with a 'geographical indication' (GI) if they have a specific link to the place where they are made. The GI recognition enables [...]

Cheers to European Quality Schemes on Europe Day!

Happy Europe Day! Thanks to the European institutions, regulations and standards established, we can enjoy many European products that we´ve come to value. For example, did you know that the EU is responsible for certifying the quality of wine, amongst other products, by ensuring and protecting their origin throughout Europe? Through the strict legal European [...]

European Quality Certification: PDO, PGI & TSG explained

PDO and PGI products represent excellence in European food production and are both the result of a unique combination of human and environmental factors characteristic of a certain geographical area. For this reason the European union dictates precise regulations for their safeguarding, providing for the institution of specific quality norms that protect consumers and provide [...]


The European Union co-finances information and promotion programmes for agricultural products on the internal market and in third countries in accordance with Regulation (EU) 1144/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council. These rules lay down the procedure, the agricultural products covered by these programmes and the countries in which they may be developed. [...]


CONTRACTING ENTITIES have entered into a Grant Agreement with the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency of the European Union (“CHAFEA”), and are selecting an Agency to develop the so-called “European Garnacha/Grenache Quality Wines Multi Program in Asia” (“the Program”). 1. Type of Tender: Open Call for Tender. 2. Contracting entities: a) ASOCIACION [...]

L’éternel renouveau du Garnacha/Grenache européen

Par Frédéric Arnould Comment ne pas tomber en amour avec le Grenache, ce cépage Européen si polyvalent qui a toujours su s'adapter aux différents terroirs, techniques de vinification et styles des vignerons. Qu’on l’appelle Grenache ou Garnacha, il est bien plus que ce que certains appellent « le pinot noir du Sud », car le Grenache [...]

Grenache-Garnacha : Le cépage d’Europe à la mode qui se présente sous différentes facettes

Un article de Joanie Métivier. Connu sous le nom de Garnacha en Espagne et de Grenache en France, ce cépage européen polyvalent, auparavant appelé le « Rouge d’Aragón » en raison de sa région natale, fait maintenant un grand retour en popularité bien mérité. Fait peu connu : le grenache est le septième cépage le plus planté au [...]

Tout ce que vous devez savoir à propos des caractéristiques et des aspects sociaux du cépage européen Grenache/Garnacha

By Michael Pinkus Tout le monde en parle et tout le monde cherche à savoir quelle sera la nouvelle tendance dans l’univers vinicole, si bien que les questions abondent à ce sujet : s’agira-t-il d’un pays? D’un cépage? D’un style? D’un producteur? Bien que les possibilités de réponses soient pratiquement infinies, prenons un peu de temps [...]

The new Pinot Noir? 

Well, although this very particular grape is not new at all, it’s been getting broader worldwide recognition during the last two decades, with a new generation of  Garnacha winemakers in Europe are taking a new approach on the variety. In the recent times, it has also become a trend, and one way for better explain [...]

Europe will host the VI International Garnacha/Grenache Contest

Every year since 2013, a unique occasion for celebrating Garnacha/Grenache wines from all over the world takes place: this is Grenaches du Monde, an exciting competition where more than 100 professional judges a wide selection of the grape from diverse geographical indications. The event, born and coordinated by the CIVR (Interprofessional Council of Wines [...]

Garnacha Day Tasting dans le District de Meatpacking (New York)!

Pour célébrer le Garnacha Day, nous organisons une dégustation sur invitation le 16 septembre dans le Meatpacking District à Manhattan. Cet évènement offrira aux invités l’opportunité de déguster 30 différents types de vins Garnacha. L’évènement débutera par un excitant séminaire présenté par Christy Canterbury. Master of Wine, Christy est journaliste, présentatrice, [...]

Traditions des Fêtes avec Garnacha/Grenache!

Pour le nord de l’hémisphère, les mois d’hiver sont consacrés aux traditionnelles fêtes de fin d’année. Bien que les célébrations et les rituels changent d’un pays à l’autre, l’idée d’apprécier la compagnie de la famille et des proches en savourant un bon repas sont communs. Les mets sont différents, mais le concept de profiter d’un [...]

Croustillants vins d’Automne

Quand les températures commencent à descendre et le vert du feuillage prend des nuances d’or, le nord de l’hémisphère accueille l’automne. Les nuits d’été brumeuses sont remplacées par des nuits fraîches et craquantes, les sandales sont échangées par des pulls. Tandis que certains peuvent se lamenter du départ des journées chaudes, le changement de saison [...]